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We ensure that our client receives excellent service and for that gaining knowledge is very essential. One of the best GDS providers in the global market is the Galileo GDS, today let us discuss the GDS system and the Galileo GDS API Integration.

What is a GDS System?

A GDS system allows service providers to carry out a transaction using a single automated network channel. The global distribution system is best for tour operators, travel agents, distribution management companies as they can instantly boost their inventory with more than a thousand hotel, flight and car rental providers. With a GDS API or XML, a travel agent can easily access real-time inventory checks, multiple languages and currency bookings, ticket availability, cancellation modifications and much more.

The global distribution system is one of the most popular distribution systems, chosen by travel business professionals and accommodation providers. Using the GDS you can easily increase your distribution system, generate more bookings, and also increase your conversion. Therefore, in case you have plans to open a travel portal then surely integrate it with the best GDS.

Is Galileo GDS one of the top GDS providers?

Galileo GDS is regarded as one of the major GDS service providers ranking 3rd followed by Amadeus and Sabre. It was originally developed in 1987 by popular international airlines companies namely British Airways and European airlines. This Global Distribution system is based in Atlanta, Georgia, a popular city in the United States of America.

Galileo is owned by Travelport and is a part of Apollo and Worldspan. Travel agents and tour operators from all around the world can use Galileo to simplify the bookings of hotels, cruises, car rentals, flights, tour packages and much more.

What Are the Benefits of Galileo GDS?

Mentioned below are the benefits of integrating the Galileo GDS in your travel portal:

How can Galileo GDS API Integration help travel business providers?

The Galileo Booking system includes a reservation system that promotes travel based services to companies of every segment, whether it's accommodation, flight booking, car rentals or booking tour packages. Galileo gives access to the full world contents through web services and desktop connections.

Nine European carriers namely Swissair, Olympic, Sabena, Austrian Airlines, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, Air Portugal, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and Aer Lingus are associated with Galileo GDS.

Travel agents should integrate their travel portal with the Galileo GDS owing to its wide range of features. Let us discuss some of them.

What are the features of Galileo GDS?

Galileo GDS allows travel agents to check different types of booking reports, booking status and cancellations. It is a huge advantage for the agents. Some features of Galileo are: can help you to design, develop, and integrate the best travel portal and ready made travel portal , and travel booking system. For details related to Galileo, GDS API Integration connects with us now and becomes ready to accept more bookings like never before.

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